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NZoneGL by Ag Xplore is a Nitrogen inhibitor for Gas or Liquid. While NH3, anhydrous ammonia, has delivered Nitrogen to soils for decades, warnings accompany its use. First warning is the handling hazards. Many a man have had direct exposure of the below freezing liquid to skin leaving burns or worse. Inhalation, also very harmful with loss of life at risk, be it human or animal excessively exposed to gases. Secondly, about 100#N is a threshold for the soil microbes while many applications hover around 150#N. 


NZoneGL by Ag Xplore has been proven to reduce NH3 effects and enhance microbial preservation in the soil. This principle alone should be reason enough. Furthermore, it has been to tested to mitigate Nitrogen loss to water to recent standards. It tank mixes with a pump or used with a direct-inject pump at about the same rate and cost per acre while not causing rust or clogging filters – even at lower temperatures. A long-used product in the industry no longer serves the soil (or landowner) well because its manufacture with carcinogens are further harmful to the soil microbial environment. 


Corn crops will have improved utilization of applied Nitrogen in Liquid or Gas form when applied with a stabilizer. Contact me for NZone GL.

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