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Humic and Fulvic Acid are natural biological components which enhance microbial delivery of nutrients to the plant. Soil transformation, flocculation, nutrient availability, and organic matter increases are expected along with the plant benefits of health, water uptake, stronger stalks, fibrous root mass, and the foundation of more yield and harvestability with earlier drydown. 

Three sources available to order in jugs, totes, or bulk: $9.50-12/A foliar

Yield Igniter by Ag Logics (9-9-3) used at 48oz/Acre in furrow with starter or foliar in most tank mixes with herbicides. USDA and trials report 3:1 ROI with 80% probability: 7.6 bpa corn, 5 bpa soybeans, & similar 3-10% gain in alfalfa.

WholeShot by Nutrient Management Specialists is custom blended for starter concentrate with diverse sources of plant energy and P&K. Similar blends for foliar or side-dress nitrogen stabilizer are made to order.

Nutritional Ag Basic Foliar With Humics and Micro Nutrients 1gal/A applied with Momentum biological fungicide supports plant health and a flourish root hairs, root exudates and microbial food to entice earthworms to the surface. Three years of use has multiplied soil health measures providing drought stress resistance to the following crop in the spongy top soil.

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