vital Mission: Healthy SOIL, Plants, Animals and humans

Vital Zolutions LLC, founded at 12864 Hwy F62, Sully IA, is supporting nationwide efforts in feeding and fueling the world. While it starts with soil health: seed selection, crop care and water quality maximize the yield potential, livestock production rate, and human performance. The resources on this site are intended to enhance farming practices with proven products. My mission is to help growers & livestock care takers move the needle – improving soil health and input performance – reliably with minimal cost. Sustaining farm yield increases, profitability, and human health is naturally connected to what I offer.

Most products represented are for row crop growers in the 16 county region that I serve in Eastern Iowa. The pages provide information and insights to growers and swine-beef-poultry production. I invite you to contact me for more information or discussions to customize to your farm needs. Many products are available nation-wide and recommended only if a 3:1 ROI is expected for you the consumer. Virtually, we can connect from anywhere, any time. Don’t hesitate – call Mike VZ.

The SOLUTIONS retailed on this site are for distribution in the USA and suitable to EVERY household and operation. Under the Products tab is Anolyte-500, the Water Revitalizer for enhancing water utilization, and #360MAFC for metal filtration on engine, hydraulic, and fuel systems. You will be delighted with the benefits and longevity of these products.

This site distinguishes products and company names in bold text to designate that they are registered, trademarked or otherwise licensed proprietary in the United States.