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Referral: 360MAFC
Sales: Aguru strip-till

Strip-Till : Aguru Machinery

Strip-Till in North America row crop farming has found its place in technology and efficiency. Precision guided tractors, applicators, and planters along with fertilizer placement goals for optimum utilization has inspired many developments for strip-till. AGuru Machinery founder Bill Preller has a no-compromise approach to tillage tools. With a long history of iron to soil tools, the strip-till row unit development and toolbars innovated with user focused objectives is making its perfect strips in 2020 and years to come.


By definition, strip till is working soil in (~9″ wide) strips, often coupled with fertilizer application (mostly dry, sometimes liquid or NH3).  This practice is acceptable in no-till designated fields where 27% of the surface can be tilled. The undisturbed soil lays between strips of rows fresh for planting smoothly.


AGuru Highlights:

– Rugged 4 bar linkage, row cleaner, center coulter, berm coulters, and closing 

– Configurable: 15/17″ coulters, aeration tines or 10″ deep knife w/ spring trip.

– Adjustable air down pressure: knife, berm builders and closing tine basket

– 3 pt mount and caddy configurations

                                              Contact me for demos, sales and service.

Product Highlight: #360MAFC

#360MAFC is a patented magnetic collar for sliding on a spin-on filter element, reuse every filter change (it will outlast your equipment).

– Removes metals from Engine & Hydraulic oil, & Diesel
(25% of particles are <5 microns, passing most filters)
– Reduces damage to Bearings, Sleeves, Gears, Seals, etc.
US patent 7,662,282 B2: Maximum Magnetic Array possible


9 sizes of 360MAFC are available. Measure the outside diameter of each filter element in your operation / fleet. Go to for ordering. (Ask me for test results or a discount code).


This product is expected to improve engine efficiency and longevity, possibly reducing heat and early mechanical failures. Consider it an insurance policy to down time and repair costs. Use in hydraulic systems, particularly for closed loop circuits on sprayers, tractors, skid-steer loaders, and dozers. Every pumped fluid is inherent to pass pump wear into the fluid, especially consider diesel filters on refueling trailers and fuel-rail engines.


“Iron is the only wear metal that accurately and linearly increases with the length of time the oil has been in service. It has many sources inside the engine, most commonly coming from the cylinder liners, camshaft lobes, crankshaft journals, & oil pumps.” ( Oct’20 Distributor Digest)

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